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QuickSprout Landing Page Design

I worked with Neil Patel, Co-founder at KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, in building a landing page for his QuickSprout blog. The goal of the landing page was to entice his QuickSprout audience into getting the free “Marketing Secretes of Highly Profitable Online Small Businesses” report and promote his latest product, the QuickSprout Traffic System PRO.

Below you can see a low fidelity wireframe and final landing page designs for both the landing and thank you pages.

QuickSprout Landing Page

This is the selected wireframe for the landing page. My goal was to make the headline pop and make the information easy to read and digest by aligning it to the left. Finally I needed the form and call to action button to stand out and draw the eye in. I did this by creating an arrow for the form header and by using a high contrast color for the button.

QuickSprout Landing Page

This is the final landing page design in all its glory :)

QuickSprout Landing Page - Step 2 Thank You

Above is the thank you page the user sees when they enter their name and e-mail address and click on the "Yes, Send Me My Free Report" call to action button.

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