Website Re-design: Re-designing My Personal Website, JoseMendoza.net

After looking at my outdated and very neglected website for four years I finally decided that it was time for a fresh start.

I started the re-design process like I start all other web design projects. I thought about who comes to my site (the users), what they would want to see and do while visiting (user goals), and what action I want them to take (the call to action or the goal of the website).

I soon figured out that I have two very different types of people that come to my website, one being other designers and the second being clients and potential clients.

After some thought, I decided to have a section on my site to display my work including my thought process and how I go about designing websites for my clients, I also wanted to have a section to introduce myself and display some of my recommendations, and finally I needed to have a clear call to action throughout the site to encourage potential clients to hire me.

I figured that would cover everything. Clients and fellow designers can learn about me, see my work and my thought process. They can both contact me. Designers can follow me on dribbble and both clients and other designers can follow me on twitter or connect with me on Linkedin. Makes sense.

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Contact Details

E-mail jm@josemendoza.net