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Hi there! I’m Jose. I design usable websites and applications, and create actionable landing pages that deliver results. I’m a UI/UX designer, front-end developer, internet marketer, artist, husband and father. I live in Orange County, California with my beautiful wife and kids. I’m currently the UI/UX designer at I Will Teach You To Be Rich.

Over the past 17 years I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of clients and companies including Neil Patel (from QuickSprout, Crazyegg and KISSmetrics), Eben Pagan Training, the team from Conversion Rate Experts, the team from SiteTuners, author Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich), Gist, Zaarly, Bodog, Bovada, Zicasso, Staples, Safeway, WyoTech, MoneyTree, Toshiba, Yellowbook, LifeLock, LegalZoom as well as many small businesses and internet marketers.

I’ve consulted as a User Experience Designer helping companies conduct usability studies and design elegant solutions for complex business problems. I’ve created elegant mobile experiences for popular blogs and local shopping products.

I create designs that are usable, look good and generate results. With each completed project I learn of more ways to help businesses get the most out of their website and online presence.

I enjoy a simplistic approach to web design, always making sure the designs I create are usable, communicate the company’s value proposition, and have a clear call to action. I’ve designed landing pages for both e-mail and PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns that yielded a high conversion rate and generated large profits making my designs highly successful.

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Jose was a huge asset to our team at Kajabi. He is friendly, knowledgable, and passionate about his craft. He has a keen eye for detail in his designs, and can flawlessly implement even the toughest designs in clean and concise HTML/CSS. Jose has the rare skill of being able to take a seemingly complex feature and then wireframe and subsequently build a simple interface for it. Jose’s design and UX skills, coupled with his ability to learn new technologies, tools, and workflows, make him an asset to any dev or design team.

Kenny Rueter, Co-Founder at Kajabi

“I consider myself very lucky to have been referred to Jose. He has completed a couple projects for me and is currently working on a third. The final product has been delivered on time, every time, and is always top notch. I would recommend him with absolutely no hesitations…”

Mark Bogani, CEO at Transhare Corporation

Jose is one of the best designers I know. He is a hard worker, is always willing to learn, and produces good work all the time.”

Neil Patel, Co-founder of KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg

“Jose is one of the best designers I have come across in my career. His work speaks volumes of his creativity. He has the ability to manage creative content and creative team while driving a project to a fully realized resolution. His project-conception, well-thought process, creativity and understanding of change-requests make any project a dream. His great depth of understanding innovation and what it takes for organizations to create an environment that supports innovation/creativity. He possesses a rare gift that unites creativity, ideas, management skills, technical knowledge and leadership.”

– Aman Bullar, Director of Project Management at AffiliateMedia, Inc.

this guy’s work is sick… enough said. Seriously, one of the most talented designers…. Very versatile, and VERY creative. I’m not exactly sure why I’m recommending him since we don’t want to lose him, but he asked, so I did it.”

Raj Lahoti, Director and Co-founder of AffiliateMedia, Inc.

“Even a great recommendation is not enough to describe Jose’s astonishing abilities as a designer. His raw talent is the kind that is difficult to find. Jose is gifted with great amounts of creativity, which always translate to high-quality work. He produces amazing results because, while designing, he always keeps in mind what matters most: the people that will see his work. This makes Jose very versatile because he is able to deliver the perfect product for the targeted audience.

Jesus Buenrostro, Webmaster at AffiliateMedia, Inc.

“Jose is an incredible designer with extremely strong work ethic. I have learned a lot about design, usability, and the creative process from working with him, and it amazes me how he can complete projects so quickly without jeopardizing quality. He is also very personable and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

Arjun Jolly, Product Manager at Affiliate Media, Inc.

Jose is a great designer, he pulls from a mix of instinct, user intuition, and keen eye for what works. I’m sure we will see many great things come from Jose in the future, he is a rock-star.”

Bob Rains, Vice President of Marketing at Affiliate Media, Inc.

Acting as Creative Director for our company Jose Mendoza continues to excel in every challenge that has been presented to him. His attention to detail, overall design skills and work ethic has been critical in the growth of our company. The highest compliment we can give Jose is that everyone on our team knows when you give him a project he will complete it on or ahead of schedule and exceed expectations. In closing, let me state it’s a real pleasure working with Jose and I look forward to many more years of association with him.”

– Louis Fabiano, Owner and President at AffiliatePrograms.com

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